I make tattoo contact before eye contact


Making a tattoo is not about fashion or trends, but it is the personal statement that express who you are.


The perfect accessory for anyone who wants to beautify or emphasize certain features of the body. 

Tattoo cover

An effective method for removing an unwanted tattoo. The old tattoo is covered by a new one, so you can enjoy a professionally made tattoo.

Laser remover

The most used option for removing unwanted tattoos. The pain is low during this removal procedure and provides effective results.

About us

Inkspire Tattoo is a studio in Cluj, equipped with the latest tools for professional tattoos. In our studio, we provide a sterile and clean environment, where besides the hygiene and relaxing atmosphere, talent is the essential factor.

Our team

Ola Ionuț

Specialized in realistic tattoo, and color tattoo

Darius Coste

Specialized in old school tattoo and linework tattoo

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